Oct 16

SJKC© TrueLight Juru has participated in a GREEN program called “Program Sekolah Hijau Peringkat Seberang Perai”. One of the activities is to enable the primary students to learn about process of making mud balls. After learning to make mud balls about 3 weeks ago and today, about 25 students turned up at the waterway ( B/Pit Tok Kangar) behind Tingkat Bukit Minyak 5, Taman Bukit Minyak to participate by throwing the mud balls into the polluted waterway.

This field trip has helped to create awareness and exposure to the students on the importance of environment care towards our rivers and waterway.

Below are some snapshots of the students activities at the Sungai Juru Dam area.

Students throwing the mud balls into the waterway near Kedai Tayar Wah Lean, Taman Bukit Minyak.

Whilst we were at the field, we saw two men releasing catfish(Ikan Keli) dan Ikan Haruan into Sungai Juru. According to them, it is to keep the fish alive from being slaughtered out of compassionate ground.

Whilst we were at the site, we saw a large track of floating plants at Sungai Juru Dam Area.- Water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes).Water hyacinth is a common aquatic floating plant at Sungai Juru. When heavy rains at the upstreams, large quantity of water hyacinth plants being wash down and covers almost the entire water surface of Sungai Juru Dam area and it is visible by motorists along the main road. It is now considered a serious threat to biodiversity. Read more about water hyacinth here http://www.agripinoy.net/water-hyacinth-control-and-possible-uses.html.

Group photo of the students at Sungai Juru Dam area

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