Nov 30

The public hearing on the draft Local Plan for central district of Seberang Perai ( 2006-2020), initiated by MPSP, has finally commenced, one and a half years after the draft local plan put up on public display via a month long public exhibition at the ground floor of MPSP Building from 15 March – 12 April 2012.

Having perused the draft local plan(2006-2020) and submitted my suggestions and comments on 18/4/2012, I was given a 20 minute time slot to present my views and suggestions to the Public Hearing Committee comprising some 15 members on 29/11/2013. One of the issues which I highlighted is the perennial floodings affecting thousands of residents along the riverbanks of Sungai Rambai and Sungai Juru area in the district of central Seberang Perai.

Need to built Retention Ponds on Urgent Basis

In order to effectively alleviate the perennial problems of flash floods in the Sungai Rambai suburbs and some parts of downstream area of Juru area, I stressed that the 2 proposed retention ponds at the upper stream (indicated coloured white in the plan below) located at the north –east of Bandar Perda township must be built on an urgent basis, the ponds appeared to be too closed to the proposed residential zone and a buffer zone between the retention ponds and future housing area is needed. (refer picture below)

I further stressed that the size of the ponds must be clearly specified and must be able to adequately store specified volume of rainwater during heavy rainfall. In addition to the retention pond, a diversion canal needs to be built from the retention pond to facilitate the dispersal of rainwater, one canal towards the east and another canal towards the south respectively, this is to ensure that, in the event of continuous heavy rainfall, some of the rainwater will be allowed to overflow from the retention pond and diverted towards the east instead of allowing the entire rainwater gushing down towards the southern downstream area of Sungai Rambai and floods the residential areas along the river banks of Sungai Rambai.

Proposed 5 acre Bukit Minyak recreational area at the Juru River Dam Area

I highlighted that the draft local plan does not indicate specifically the landscape recreational area for the residents of Bukit Minyak area, and hence, there is a need to earmark at least 5 acres of the existing river reserve land along Juru Dam area in the Local Plan for public recreational use.

The area need to be landscaped and upgraded with public facilities such as car parks, jogging track , bicycle track and public toilet. See Picture below Mark as “1″

Finally, I reminded the Public Hearing committee members that MPSP is taking too long to conduct this public hearing, 1 year and 7 months instead of 6 months as required by the Malaysia’s Town and Country Planning Act and I urge them to publish the Local Plan according to the schedule time after the process of public hearing.

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May 19

AEON Group, under its CSR initiiatives and the support of LA 21 MPSP, has successfully organised an Environmental Cares Programme near Kolam Teratai, Sungai Rambai, the upper stream of Sungai Juru.

A total of 150 participants(students and parents) participated in this programme which involved EM Mudballs throwing into Sungai Rambai as well as EM Mudball making competition. A total of 12 groups have joined the competition with an estimated 6,000 EM mudballs have been made.

Below are some snapshots of the programme held at Sungai Juru on 19th May 2013( Sunday).

If any schools, NGO or corporations which are interested to organise such GREEN programmes or participate in future GREEN activities, kindly contact the co-orrdinator of LA21 Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai, Mr Chew Eng Seng at 012-4779330.

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Oct 09

JURU: The Juru River is dying due to a 40-year accumulated pollution caused mainly by industrial toxic waste and is now being further threatened by effluents from shrimp farms.
A recent study by the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) revealed that the toxic waste was from the nearby Prai Industrial Park.
Other sources of pollution were residential water waste and black oil discharged to drains linked to Sungai Juru.
“The deteriorating pollution seriously threatens the local fishery sector,” said CAP president SM Mohamed Idris in a statement here today.
Some 300 local fishermen from Kampung Kuala Juru were already badly affected by the deteriorating water pollution as their livelihood depended heavily on fish catch and cockle culture in the river and estuary.
Now the fishermen face another potential serious environmental threat with the emergence of a shrimp farming project operating in 50 ponds on a 99-acre area since six months ago.
The fishery community is worried that the shrimp project would worsen the pollution as the effluents were discharged into the river.
The worsening river pollution threatened the livelihood of fishermen in Kuala Juru and Tok Keramat.
Pollution from the shrimp project could potentially kill the mangrove trees along the river and destroy natural breeding grounds for fish, prawns, crabs and other marine lives, including food supply for the cockle culture, which was an important source of income for fishermen.
The river could also be heavily silted and become shallow.
Idris urged the mainland council, departments of environment and drainage and irrigation to launch an immediate probe and take effective steps to save the river located in the Seberang Perai Tengah district.
He also wanted the authorities to conduct regular monitoring and tighten legal enforcement to eradicate pollution.
“The river has been threatened by pollution for the past 40 years. But until today, there is no sign of the pollution reducing causing much anxiety among the river communities,” said Idris.

Article By Athi Shankar, 9 October 2012 weblink at

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Sep 06

SJKC Truelight Juru, Bukit Mertajam telah berjaya menjalankan satu lagi program hijau iaitu Aktiviti Membuat Mudballs yang menglibatkan sekumpulan pelajar-pelajar sekolah bersama dengan waris. Pada 6hb September 2012, mereka telah pergi ke Empangan Sungai Juru dan membawa bersama Mudballs yang telah kering( lebih kurang 2 minggu) dan diangkut oleh truck MPSP. Berikut adalah gambar aktiviti mereka dalam suasana yang cukup gembira dan memeriahkan.

Jika anda berminat untuk menjalankan program hijau sebegini dan ingin mendapat nasihat atau keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi Encik Chew Eng Seng,pegawai penyelaras LA 21 MPSP 012-4779330.

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Oct 15


Sony EMCS Malaysia has organised a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme under its environmental, safety and health campaign -”SAVE THE RIVER” at the Juru Dam Riverside near Bukit Tengah area on 15th October 2011.

Amongst the activities carried out were making and throwing of  mud balls into the Juru River, children drawing contest with its theme  ”Save The River”. More than 200 participants from Sony, MPSP, NGOs and students of SK Permai Indah participated in this environmental awareness and educational programme.  Present at the event today was Sony EMCS Malaysia President Mr Ryuzo Tamayama together with his team of senior managers, Council Secretary Haji Rozali, event facilitator Mr Chew Eng Seng. A total of 7,848 mud balls were produced by Sony staff and thrown into the Juru River.   

The Mud balls are useful as one of the environmental solutions towards reducing water pollutants and thus improving water quality in our rivers and drains. The E.M. ( EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS)  fermentation emitted from the mud balls will alleviate or destroy the ammonia nitrogen found in human effluents and sewerage leakages into the water system. These mud balls should be drop at polluted waterways every 4 months.

The local council  MPSP has embarked on the “Cleaner Penang” Initiative and has strongly encouraged  multi-national companies, factories, schools and NGOs to participate in environmental preservation programme. For those who are interested in mud balls making programme or wish to organise  similar CSR programme, kindly contact MPSP’s LA 21 co-ordinator Mr Chew Eng Seng  at 012  4773990 or email him at

Below are some snapshots of the event  :-

Students drawing contest in progress..

Selecting winners of drawing contest..

Sony EMCS President Mr Ryuzo Tamayama with the winners of the drawing contest.

Throwing mud balls into Juru river at the Juru Dam Riverside area..

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Aug 18

Pertandingan Kuiz Alam Sekitar, Negeri Pulau Pinang (Penang Environmental Quiz Competition 2011)

Pertandingan kuiz ini terbuka kepada pelajar rendah dan pelajar menengah di Negeri Pulau Pinang sahaja  bermula dari 22 Ogos 2011 (Hari Isnin), pukul 12 tengahari. Tarikh akhir adalah 12 September 2011 (Hari Isnin) pukul 12 tengahari.

Setiap peserta mesti menjawab semua soalan dalam masa 20 minit yang ditetapkan. Peserta yang tidak dapat memberi jawapan dalam masa 20 minit akan dibatalkan kelayakan.

Jawapan akan diumumkan selepas 30 September 2011.

Pihak penganjur akan memilih 100 peserta yang berjaya dari kumpulan sekolah menengah dan sekolah rendah, mereka akan mendapati hadiah misteri daripada Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang

Untuk keterangan selanyutnya,  sila layani .

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Aug 05

A Penang State-level environmental awareness programme with a theme ” A million Apologies to Mother Earth” was held at Juru Dam Recreational Area on 31.7.2011. Several state agencies ie. Jabatan Perhutanan, local Council MPSP, District Offices, DID and NGOs had participated in the programme. The programme was officially launched by Penang Deputy Chief Minister II YB Prof Dr Ramasamy. Also present at the program were YB  Ong Chin Wen, ADUN for Bukit Tengah, MPSP Council President, State DID deputy Director and Bukit Mertajam District Officer.   After the launching, YB Prof Dr Ramasamy joined  the guests to the river bank and throwing mudballs together with the guests into the Juru river.

In conjunction with the programme, a mudball making contest was organised  and sponsored by Juru Auto City. It has attracted many participants. Below are some snapshots of the mudball making contest…

MPSP Council President Puan Maimunah  accompanied by Council Secretary Haji Rozali

at the scene to view the mudball making contest..

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Nov 13

Satu Program Kesedaran Alam Sekitar – “Program cintai Sungai Juru” telah di adakan di Sekolah Kebangsaan Permai Indah, Taman Bukit Minyak pada 10hb November 2010. Program ini diaturkan oleh Cikgu Nor Nawawi dari Sekolah Kebangsaan Permai Indah dan dianjurkan oleh KRT Taman Bukit Minyak dan Friends of Sungai Juru. Encik Chew Eng Seng, pegawai MPSP yang memberikan kerjasama untuk membekalkan 250 “EM Mud Balls” juga menghadiri program tersebut. Pengerusi KRT Taman Bukit Minyak, Encik Tan Chai Liang dan wakil pegawai dari Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran(JPS) Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah, Encik Izak telah memberikan sedikit penerangan dan taklimat berhubung dengan penyediaan “EM Mud Balls” dan demonstrasi untuk menguji kualiti air sungai dengan menggunakan “Water Monitoring Kit” kepada pelajar darjah 6 SK Permai Indah.

Selepas sesi penerangan,kumpulan pelajar tersebut pergi ke lapangan di hapadan Sekolah dan membaling EM Mud balls yang disediakan oleh MPSP ke dalam parit ( B/Pit Tok Kangar). Satu demonstrasi menguji kualiti air juga dijalankan serta mengajar pelajar untuk mengisi KAD LAPURAN Sungai dari aspek fizikal sungai di kawasan tersebut.

Aktiviti Gambar :-

SK Permai Indah di Taman Bukit Minyak

Pelajar SK Permai Indah mengikuti program..

Ucapan aluan oleh Cikgu Nor Nawawi, SK Permai Indah

Pelajar membaling “EM Mud Balls” ke dalam parit

Demonstrasi menguji kualiti air sungai

Penolong pegawai JPS sedang memberi penerangan kepada pelajar yang berkumpul di lapangan di B/Pit Tok Kangar di hadapan SK Permai Indah

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Oct 16

SJKC© TrueLight Juru has participated in a GREEN program called “Program Sekolah Hijau Peringkat Seberang Perai”. One of the activities is to enable the primary students to learn about process of making mud balls. After learning to make mud balls about 3 weeks ago and today, about 25 students turned up at the waterway ( B/Pit Tok Kangar) behind Tingkat Bukit Minyak 5, Taman Bukit Minyak to participate by throwing the mud balls into the polluted waterway.

This field trip has helped to create awareness and exposure to the students on the importance of environment care towards our rivers and waterway.

Below are some snapshots of the students activities at the Sungai Juru Dam area.

Students throwing the mud balls into the waterway near Kedai Tayar Wah Lean, Taman Bukit Minyak.

Whilst we were at the field, we saw two men releasing catfish(Ikan Keli) dan Ikan Haruan into Sungai Juru. According to them, it is to keep the fish alive from being slaughtered out of compassionate ground.

Whilst we were at the site, we saw a large track of floating plants at Sungai Juru Dam Area.- Water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes).Water hyacinth is a common aquatic floating plant at Sungai Juru. When heavy rains at the upstreams, large quantity of water hyacinth plants being wash down and covers almost the entire water surface of Sungai Juru Dam area and it is visible by motorists along the main road. It is now considered a serious threat to biodiversity. Read more about water hyacinth here

Group photo of the students at Sungai Juru Dam area

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Oct 11

The state level one-day training program – program River Ranger Komuniti Pulau Pinang was organised by Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) Pulau Pinang on 10.10.2010(sunday). The training session was conducted at KOMTAR by Dr Kalithasan of GEC. In the afternoon, participants proceeded to Botanical Garden (Site 1) and Sungai Pinang(Site 2) for field exercise.

Participants were given basic theory training on water monitoring which covers three areas ie physical, chemical and biological parameters to determine and audit the health of a river. Participants were also taught to upload the results of water health check of their respective areas into blogs for public information.

Presenting river ranger certificate to participants at the end of the programme by Timbalan Ketua Pengarah JPS Haji Mohd Abu Bakar Bin Othman.

A family were at the river releasing aquarium fish ..?

Dr Kali explaining to participants at botanical garden.

Group A participants with several elderly women also participated actively to learn to be river ranger, what about you ??

Whilst we were conducting the river watch, rubbish like plastic chair were seen floating at the river..

For those interested to join river watch programme, Pusat Sumber Alam Sekitar Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah will conduct the next ( 4th) River watch programme on 12-12-2010 (Sunday) morning at RT Taman Keenway, Jalan Megat Harun Bukit Mertajam. Contact us at 012 4078686/ 012 4779330 for details and confirmation.

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